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In this blog I will be offering my reflections on my practice that I hope you will find interesting and occasionally helpful.

A client asked me this week if he thought that coming for treatment every two weeks was appropriate or necessary. Having no stock answer, I asked him whether he felt it benefited him and how. ' I feel it does'. I said, 'yes I think so too, so shall we'll continue and keep it under review.'
We agreed that as long as he felt better he didn't necessarily need to understand how or why. It's always good to be curious but the analytical mind can sometimes get in the way of experience.
I think what happened here was that his intellect momentarily clashed with his felt sense that he benefited from therapy at a difficult and transitory time in his life. It's easy to track changes and progress toward greater well-being or health but very hard to assign it all to therapy. I believe lasting and integrated benefits come from the clients own innate body wisdom and all I do is help them access this.
Does anybody need regular therapy? Very few probably but all can benefit.

more coming soon...

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