Appointments are now available to anyone wishing to have treatment. Safeguards are still in place to ensure your safety. The garden treatment room is used solely for therapeutic practice, which makes these measures easy to implement. New clients will be asked to sign a consent form and check-in with the NHS app on arrival. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about my practice or, how CranioSacral Therapy may help you.


Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on, non-invasive yet effective approach, working directly with the body's natural capacity for self-repair to treat a wide range of conditions. It often helps those suffering chronic symptoms that haven’t been aided by other approaches. I am trained and experienced in feeling and monitoring changes in the body’s tissues. In the process of monitoring, I follow changes in the body as they occur and encourage the body’s natural priorities for change to arise, rather than direct the process. This is the principal difference between CST and most other therapeutic types of bodywork.

I believe the body has an innate wisdom and intelligence which will, given the right conditions, organise the forces of health to find the best resolution to any problem (emotional or physical) arising in your body. As a craniosacral therapist I have an intention only to create those conditions, rather than impose my own diagnosis and solution.

This approach is effective in treating  stress-related conditions including insomnia, fatigue, headaches, poor digestion and anxiety; the effects of psychological, emotional and physical trauma as well as head, neck, back or joint injuries.

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My career as a therapist began in the healing clinic at the College of Psychic Studies, where I have been a tutor on the accredited healing course. I qualified as a holistic massage therapist (MTI) in 2008. My continuing passion for finding new ways to help my clients attracted me me to Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy. I qualified after a two year training (BCST) with Body Intelligence, global leaders in this field. My experience of energy work and bodywork inevitably inform my approach to this ground breaking form of natural healing. I am also qualified in the therapeutic use of mindfulness by the British Minfulness Institute.

“I’m feeling a lot more settled and am coping well with my new life. I’m incredibly grateful for all your hard work, sensitivity and care during the sessions and feel very different now”
Joy Osman

“I am extremely grateful for the healing, compassion and care you have shown me.
I have thrived from the craniosacral sessions – on a physical, mental and spiritual level,
I have received so much healing”

Marishka Tharani

“I genuinely struggle to convey what a gift Lawrence brings with his work. I don’t really know what would have happened to me had I not found him; I was going through a particularly difficult time, reaching the end of my tether of some long-standing emotional and physical patterns. I didn’t feel at ease within myself. I had attended talking therapy for years, as well as trying several alternative remedies, all to little or no avail. The relief I felt in Lawrence’s accepting presence was profound, and I knew he was the practitioner to support me on my journey to living a better life. Committing to regular treatment with Lawrence has changed my life, it is not an overstatement, and I recommend him with all my heart to anyone!”

“Thank you for your wonderful help, caring support and sensitivity...
...for appearing at the purrrfect time and seeing me through dental (an other) trauma and into a brighter New Year feeling calmer and optimistic.”

Judith Bartlett

“What a privilege to have access to Lawrence Horwill's specific skills. During the last year, he has sensitively used Craniosacral Therapy to support me through a range of contexts: pre-surgery, post-operatively and all times in between ...and ongoing. Lawrence works with great integrity and respect, seamlessly combining physical skill with spiritual awareness and sensitivity. This unique perspective enables me to have a healthier relationship with my body and mind”
Viv Lever

“CST is a gentle yet life-changing treatment – every time I receive it I feel revitalised, comforted, re-balanced, more integrated and flooded with wellbeing. It’s a unique chance to get back in tune with your body and its rhythms and subtleties. Lawrence is an amazingly gifted and intuitive practitioner”
Emma Kilbey

“With his gentle and insightful approach to healing, Lawrence facilitated a way for me to release deeply held emotions that enabled me to make clear and positive decisions. His subtle adjustments and intuitive techniques have empowered me and, assisted my personal growth and wellbeing. I am sincerely grateful for his work”
Cathy Smith

“CST is a gentle yet life-changing treatment – every time I receive it I feel revitalised, comforted, re-balanced, more integrated and flooded with wellbeing. It’s a unique chance to get back in tune with your body and its rhythms and subtleties. Lawrence is an amazingly gifted and intuitive practitioner”
Emma Kilbey

“I would recommend Lawrence as a professional practitioner of outstanding moral values. Initially, Lawrence worked on stress related issues due to life changing events. These regular monthly sessions contribute highly to my reserve of well being. The treatments are of the highest standard, deeply relaxing and restorative.”
B. Petty

A short film which goes a long way in explaining how CranioSacral therapy works.

I am now taking appointments at:

The Garden Practice
27 Carlisle Road, Hove BN3 4FP

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