“Expect unique, authentic attention, skill and care when you go to Lawrence for Craniosacral therapy and healing. He is a very very special practitioner”
Viv Lever

Whatever the treatment given, I place great importance communication and interaction with my clients. It’s a joint endeavour to take on the challenges that impede health. With CST, although not a talking based therapy, a gentle dialogue may continue in response to what is emerging from treatment. The number of sessions required again depends upon your needs. Many people now have Craniosacral therapy as ongoing support for their health and wellbeing, rather than for help with specific problems.

I work with the client lying, fully clothed, on a comfortable couch and placing my hands on the body. It is not a massage, neither are there any sudden or painful manipulations. CST is gentle and non-invasive, the sensations consist mostly of warm, comforting, light pressures. You may feel a deep sense of relaxation and possibly become aware of heat or other gentle sensations. The importance of relaxation cannot be overstated when it comes to health and well-being. The deep relaxation experienced during CST allows the nervous system to calm down, the body to heal itself. In essence natural harmony is restored.

A typical session lasts for one hour and costs £50

Although completely respected, no specific religious or spiritual beliefs are required. I have no agenda other than your well-being. Any personal information you give is always held in the strictest confidence.

I am committed to my work, which is at it's most effective when my clients are committed to their own healing. The benefits can be profound and promote a positive shift towards health, balance, peace of mind and confidence. Progress toward health may involve dealing with emotional wounds from the past and a shifting away from negative ways of thinking and feeling.


My practice is based at:

123a Western Road BN3 1DB

I also practice at:

The Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre
one of the first NHS GP surgeries in the country to include integrated alternative therapies within the practice

Please give 24 HOURS notice or full payment is required.

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